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Lifting Businesses

We are committed to helping startup companies to bring their offerings to market. We help to scale by leveraging our global reach, trusted brands and world-leading experts.

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Human-machine Interaction

Digital Ports

Smart Container Logistics

Why Konecranes Is

A Good Partner

Global reach

We have an access to a broad range of industries with our existing channels, which we can leverage for distributing your solution. Our footprint spans over 600 locations in 50 countries where we are servicing over 740 000 assets, of which more than 18 000 are connected.

Trusted brands

By partnering with Konecranes, the market leader in industrial material handling, your offering gets the credibility and trust which we have built for decades. For over 80 years, we have been committed to improving efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries.

World-leading professionals

Our business executives and experienced engineers are committed to helping you grow. Konecranes helps you to exceed customer expectations by utilizing deep knowledge of our core technologies, unique service concept and refined global business processes.

This Is How

We Work

If your solution can help us to serve our customers better, we can help you grow your business. We will customize the scope of our collaboration based on your current status and the solution.