What is in it for me? Well, the REACH program provides technology startups with clear steps all the way from the initial contact to a business relationship with Konecranes.

We believe that startups and partners can solve specific problems faster than corporations. It is not however a secret that the collaboration between startups and corporations has challenges. Therefore we at Konecranes decided to focus on the essentials from day one by creating a systematic working model to tackle key issues and clear obstacles from our path to business. This is where we established our REACH program, a well-structured and more collaborative way of working that brings value to both parties.

Each round of the program has a certain theme based on Konecranes’ identified business needs, challenges or opportunities. The first REACH round was for example seeking new breakthrough technologies that could make cranes smarter as well as improve data collection for predictive maintenance and analytics. From the first REACH program, we started to work with Mavenoid, a startup who has developed an innovative troubleshooting software platform. On the second round we are focusing on themes around our Port Solutions business area.

Through the REACH program you can land Konecranes as your trusted customer or commercial partner. Read more about how we work here.

Well-organized start brings benefits for both businesses

The program structure tackles all the excess steps in establishing a collaboration between us and the selected startups. This means having a streamlined system from the first contact until the agreement negotiations for the demos and pilots. Once the collaboration starts, responsibilities, timeline and objectives are carefully defined together. And yes, we have understandable legal frameworks such as NDAs and project agreements to avoid roadblocks done during the program.

Improving port safety and productivity 

The latest round of the REACH program is focusing on the port industry. What Konecranes is looking for here is new solutions around human-machine interaction, digital ports, and smart container logistics. The common goal for the three new interest areas is improving the safety and productivity of the operations through innovative use of emerging technologies.

The application period for the latest REACH round is open 16.10.2018 – 11.11.2018. The top 5 candidates will be invited to the selection day held on week 50.